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Kuda Villingili


Dip in for a snorkel while at Kuda Villingili or join a snorkel trip.



Turtle Snorkeling Vibe with the turtles on a turtle snorkeling trip!
Adventure Snorkeling Join a boat trip and go snorkel hopping
Stingray Paradise Let's go on a ray hunt!
Reviews One of the best experiences of life I would come again to Kuda Villingili & ocean fanatics Mabugambe Abuchambeyo

Other Activities

Turtle Snorkeling Turtle snorkeling to One Palm every Sunday and Thursday at 10 am. Green sea turtle and Hawksbill sea turtles are spotted most frequently.
Reethi Beach Reef Cleaning To celebrate Reethi Day on every 15th of the month, a reef clean up is organized where we invite all in house guests who can dive and snorkel to take part in cleaning our house reef.
Manta Season As Reethi beach is 20 minutes away from the manta capital of the world, Hanifaru Bay the only place where you can encounter hundreds of mantas while feeding and cleaning. The season begins late June until November.