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Reethi Beach

Manta Snorkel

Swim with the majestic manta rays and create once in a lifetime memories


Reethi Beach

Manta Snorkel Location

Hanifaru Bay World famous Hanifaru Bay, in the Baa Atoll Biosphere reserve. These elusive rays come to feed in this spot and is the only place in the world to spot hundreds of graceful mantas in one place, and sometimes if you're lucky they're with friends, the whalesharks.
Reviews Experience that can only be described as Magical! Its was a fantastic experience with the team Ocean Fanatics are Reethi Beach Resort. We went for our 10th Anniversary for a chance to swim with manta rays! And we were not disappointed! Everyone in the team were super helpful and catered to our 1000 incessant queries.

We went for the Manta Snorkelling which was a magical experience and cannot thank Barney and Imma Abu enough for guiding us and assisting my wife in the strong currents. We saw some 30-40 Mantas and the guides knew perfectly the direction the Mantas would approach us from. They also have a direct line with the rangers of Hanifaru Bay and only go for the trip if Mantas appear. Thus no wasted trips!

I also did my first diving experience here with Shemal and he was a fantastic and patient Instructor. He helped me learn the basic techniques and motivated me to do more. I will definitely return with more practice!

I also need to mention that it was wonderful to meet Sidey here and he is a fantastic guy! Ocean Ramsey was staying at Reethi when we visited and it was a great experience interacting with her!

Thanks Ocean Fanatics for making our dreams come true! We will surely return! - Jashojit Mukherjee

Other Activities

Turtle Snorkeling Turtle snorkeling to One Palm every Sunday and Thursday at 10 am. Green sea turtle and Hawksbill sea turtles are spotted most frequently.
Reethi Beach Reef Cleaning To celebrate Reethi Day on every 15th of the month, a reef clean up is organized where we invite all in house guests who can dive and snorkel to take part in cleaning our house reef.
Manta Season As Reethi beach is 20 minutes away from the manta capital of the world, Hanifaru Bay the only place where you can encounter hundreds of mantas while feeding and cleaning. The season begins late June until November.